‘The only journey is the journey within’ – Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello thanks for stopping by,

I’m extremely awkward during introductions and I like to think most people warm to me over time. I get super nervous and end up talking too much.  Unless of course we hit it off immediately, although I must warn you that nearly all my best friends-


I’m Dionne, a 30-something born and raised in London but currently living in sunny Malta. This gorgeous island is the setting for many of my adventures and life lessons, I tend to write about.

This page has possibly changed once or twice since I began this blog and most notably the location. Initially I created this blog as a means to map personal growth and to make sense of some difficult life experiences and myself.

I used to write a a lot about codependency, people pleasing and abusive relationships. I don’t write about those topics as much anymore. Mainly because I feel like sometimes we can get stuck on just one narrative and it can prevent us from turning the page and flourishing! 

Now, it’s about turning every day into an adventure.

When we think of adventures, many of us tend to think of an adventure in terms of going on some epic trip, travelling across the world and doing epic shit.  (Okay, fair point!)

Don’t get me wrong that is an adventure (in itself) but so are all the magical things that happen in between. Stuff, like learning about yourself and others, pushing beyond your comfort zone and turning each challenge into an adventure.  And me (and my blog) are right over here championing for the normalcies of life.

Look at me going on!

Stay a while, you’ll warm up to me soon enough!

Love and light,