‘The only journey is the journey within’ – Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello thanks for stopping by.

I’m Dionne, a 30-something born and raised in London but now living in sunny Malta. This gorgeous island is the setting for many of my adventures and musings.

I fell in love with Malta on my first visit in 2012. And then I fell in love 😉 At the time, other than the turquoise waters completely enticing me, I didn’t know much else about the country. However, I felt a great sense of peace whenever I visited and decided Malta was the one for me! What can I say… I took the plunge!


I’ve been writing for a while or more journalling hence the “Diary” link.  Although extremely cathartic I’ve somewhat moved on from certain experiences and it no longer sits well harbouring those old feelings. Besides my older self will be extremely unforgiving should I spend my time looking back rather than embracing the present.  (Oddly enough, I had that epiphany whilst canoeing to visit an underwater cave! :D)

I refer to myself as the “not so girly girl”, quite simply because I’m not one and it’s sort of a collective metaphor for living (somewhat) authentic.

The thing about moving to a sun drenched island is imagining you’ll be sat on a beach all day drinking cocktails. I didn’t become a millionaire on moving, so life is pretty much the same in that regard…. just warmer. (during the summer months) Ha! Being in new surroundings gives you much to write about, even if it’s to moan, compare differences or learn more about yourself.  But one thing for sure is… there’s a hell of a lot of exploring, picture taking and awkward moments!

Oh another thing…

I definitely laugh more.. at myself 😛

Anyways,  lovely to meet you.

Love and light,