Winter Blues

How was your summer?

I had a long and wonderful one.

A season filled with endless days of sunshine, high energy and great company. What I particularly admire about summer; is the power it has to melt away any remnants of even the coldest winter from my thoughts.

In my not so distant memory, my days of summer somehow merge into one – a happy amalgamation of bright colours, barbecues, laughter, ice cream, sunscreen and a constant stream of outdoor activities.

But summer is not my issue.

Winter is. Or rather it is not winter. It’s me. I change drastically during the winter months and stop doing all the things which make me happy.

What’s funny is despite being exposed to winter my entire life, summer often leaves me on such an ecstatic high that the change in weather induces a 13 week comedown where I am left feeling extremely blue.

Each season has it’s beauty and despite my complex and difficult relationship with winter I plan to try and enjoy the season to the fullest by embracing all which is to come…

including taking responsibility for my own happiness.

Last year I were in complete denial that summer had long said goodbye and rebelled against this by refusing to update my wardrobe to reflect the seasonal change. The failure to make such a simple change meant I rarely left the house or if I did… not for very long.

We have now acknowledged “Hangry” being a thing but I can assure you.. so is “Co-gry” (okay so it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but pretty much amounts to the same thing – just cold. ) I was extremely uncomfortable and in itself a contributory factor to the decline in my mood, energy levels and my overall feelings of happiness.

This year I started my preparation for the season early by packing away all my summer clothes and dragging out all my winter clothes (almost like a ritual. Goodbye summer and hello winter ) This in turn made way for a welcomed shopping trip for all the bits I needed. Flannel pyjamas, sweaters, tights, boots.

Such a minor tip but you’ll be surprised just how your mood drastically improves once you are snug and warm. (next year I plan to get on top of this slightly earlier and save money by getting some bits from all the end of season sales)

Winter is a time to pursue alternative hobbies too to ensure I am still happy and have fun things to fill my time with. I kinda killed my own vibe last year with somehow not being able to think outside the box with the beach being somewhat off limits. If you’re stumped for hobbies or things to try…

check this out to get you started

Aside from spending time at the beach I also enjoy reading, writing, hiking, learning, cooking as well as being out and about. Yet somehow did very little of these things accept perhaps moan that I was cold, bored and…

couldn’t go to the beach.

I have barely explored this charming little island other than the beaches (which did I say are all very beautiful) however this country is swimming in history, culture and places begging to be explored . Not to mention all the photographs I can take and posts to write. Writing this sentence alone has filled me with excitement. (Yay!)

Since coming around to this way of thinking I have researched bookshops, libraries, hiking trails, cosy coffee shops and museums all locally which I intend to explore.

Have you explored all the things which your town/city has to offer?

If you haven’t then get on it. Guaranteed you’ll find lots of little gems just waiting to be discovered.

Put a list together of all the other things you enjoy or would like to try if you’re unsure. If you’re anything like me and enjoy hanging out at the beach all day, barbecues and other outdoorsy activities which require a summery temperature then…

you will need to make peace with the fact that you will be forced to take an impromptu break.

Unless of course you plan to take a trip to warmer climes for 13 weeks (which admittedly, I did briefly entertain).

Winter gives you a chance to explore an alternative side of yourself and as they say… variety is the spice of life.

Even if you like to stay indoors you can rearrange your space inexpensively creating a cosy little nest with lighting and candles. Adding cushions rugs and moving furniture around the room often alters the ambience of the room and ramps up the cosiness.

Last year I barely saw anyone and at times felt completely shut off and isolated, everyone else seems to hibernate during the cold season too so you will have to make an extra effort if socialising is your thing.

As I said, I really enjoy cooking, if you do too then make it fun by challenging friends in a “Come-dine-with-me-esque” dinner party. You can host and cook for friends and suggest taking it in turns . If you’re also like me and slightly competitive then you can add a competition element to it such as awarding points/vouchers or whatever it is you and your friends enjoy as a prize.

During summer I take myself off for manicures and pedicures and little trips away. My self care is at it’s peak and I feel at my best. These things slope off during winter so is it any wonder for the Winter Blues?

If you enjoy such things, keep them up as they can still be enjoyed during winter, they will require a little tailoring but…

that’s where the fun is!

Essentially, what I am proposing here is planning , researching and taking charge of your happiness. Winter and all.

Planning what measures I will need to ensure I have everything I require in order to remain comfortable and happy during the winter months.


If you too become blue during winter, then decide what efforts you will need to take to boost your mood, consider all the alternatives things you can enjoy to combat the winter blues. Now is your chance to get creative, try something or somewhere new. Keep it realistic so its achievable but think outside the box.

If you know of any other tips which may help with winter blues, then please share them in the comments.

Love and light,