Hey 🙂

I know. Don’t judge me.

It has been ages since I blogged…

on this platform anyway.

I have been moonlighting and writing away on Instagram and the experience has been enlightening to say the very least; interacting with other bloggers, adding my ten cents and dipping my toes into the blogging community – albeit from a distance.

The perfectionist in me has always wondered if I was blogging “right” and whilst moonlighting I gained valuable insight as well as an answer:

There isn’t a right nor wrong way, in essence, it comes down to our individual style and our own unique way of expressing ourselves, moreover as we grow and evolve the experiences which shape us may further change this.

Change. There’s that word again.

My “theme” thus far this year has centred around change, which I think deserves a separate post but for now here is one which I got so lost in writing this morning and I hope you enjoy.

⁣One of my favourite words is:⁣

Metamorphosis – the extraordinary transformation which a lowly caterpillar undertakes in order to emerge a beautiful butterfly. ⁣

The word conjures images of something out of a science-fiction movie, yet refers to a magical process of life.⁣

And we are no different.⁣

You may feel broken but understand that you are not, people and circumstances are the vessels which life uses to highlight where we need to heal in order to transform into our authentic selves.⁣

When I initially started this journey, I believed I was signing up for and attending a one-off event and would grow frustrated with myself, wondering why… for the love of God I wasn’t working properly and why I just couldn’t get the self defeating voices to quieten down or my breathing to normalise.⁣

I hadn’t realised this was the beginning of a life-long process nor the adventures which would follow along the way.⁣

Essentially life is an adventure and requires that each day you step outside of the box to discover something outside of your comfort zone in order to move towards who you really are.⁣

As you venture deeper you’ll meet guides and learn lessons instilling love within you but there will also be knocks and bumps along the way…⁣

with each knock you will undergo yet another phase of “metamorphosis” emerging stronger and more beautiful than before. ⁣

We tend to think of an “adventure” in dramatic terms which involves travelling the world, parachuting or sailing the seven seas.⁣

It doesn’t have to be.⁣

An adventure can be getting out of bed, walking to the end of the street, starting something new or forming new relationships *insert your adventure here*⁣

Once the caterpillar completes the process of metamorphosing into a butterfly there is no turning back.

Love and light,



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