Sunday Anxiety

Hey I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Over the past few Sundays, I have been drawn into spontaneous activities which have taken me so far out of my comfort zone… I have been “distracted” (through being present) from my usual Sunday anxiety.

I often wonder whether the rise in my anxiety stems from how society frames different days of the week mentally. For example, should we supposedly love Fridays more due to it being dressed up in “Friyays” “TGIF” and happy hours and Mondays less so, because it signals the end of that?

Eitherway, today I intend to enjoy the rest of my weekend by staying present and enjoying the moments….perhaps in time I will also mentally reframe Sundays…”stay present Sundays” or maybe…do away with labels altogether🤔

I too hope your day goes without being ladened with thoughts of Monday, ruminating over shoulda -coulda-wouldas and other things which steal your joy of simply being in the moment

Do you suffer from Sunday anxiety and how do you minimise it when it takes it hold?

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